Help. Custom code for LED screen

I have an LED sign screen and I have a game show button.

I am looking for a code that will allow a count up clock to start when the button is pressed and the number on screen counts to a million every 60 seconds.

The timer stops when the button is pressed again.

The LED sign has a USB port which could potentially load up the code
The Button has a USB attached to act as the connection to the LED screen.

Is this possible?

Hi Kyle
Sounds simple when you say it quick but I don’t think this will be the case.
I think more information required before you can expect any result
Cheers Bob

Hi Kyle,

Bob’s right, LED screens are so common that without a specific model number we won’t even be able to take a punt at how to program one.

I’d reach out to the display manufacturer as they will know the internals far better than we will.

How would you like to proceed? With an Arduino?