Programming for the Four Letter Phat for Rasp Pi

Can anyone tell me if it is possible to address the segments of the displays (A to N) directly to display custom characters or shapes?
Or is this only able to display the printable alphanumeric characters (ASCII values 32 to 127)?


Thanks in advance Ray B.

Hi Ray, I haven’t used that board myself, but from a quick look at the datasheet for the driver chip on board, it may be possible. The onboard libraries from Pimoroni will probably only allow for ASCII, but take a look at the datasheet here (just from a Google search):

Thanks Sam, I will work through it on the week end.

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Found the solution, should have explored the Function Referance doc further.

The command;
does exactly that, sets each or any of the 14 segments as needed.

Thanks again,

Nice! Looks like a great solution.