Project by bert231206; The Curse Of The Mummy! Egyptian-Themed Halloween Puzzle

I have just shared a new project: “The Curse Of The Mummy! Egyptian-Themed Halloween Puzzle”

I’ve had this idea for Halloween for a few years now. I wanted to make my porch display into an escape room for trick or treating. The kids would have to solve an environmental puzzle to get their candy. .

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That is such a simple idea made so effective by excellent execution. I love it!

You could have designed this in many ways; perhaps a slight of hand that achieves the same result. Instead you used real colour sensors and code that meaningfully reflects the world the solver is participating in. Endowing the models with sight which exists outside the mind of the solver. That detail really elevates the project for me.

Pix :heavy_heart_exclamation:

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love the project,
is it possible to get a copy of the Hathor model as well as sobek?

would it be ok to make and sell copies of the statues, i have a few people who would love these, if its not possible to sell them i understand, they’ll just have to envy the ones i make for my bookcase.

p.s, what is the overall scale/size of the statues, when i import into flashprint Sobek is only 18mm wide


Thanks @Terence136035 Terence, I appreciate your kind words. In terms of selling them I would rather you not. I am working on putting together a kickstarter featuring these statues along with some other pieces I have in mind. I was willing to add the stls for Sobek here because I feel like I have benefited from the generosity of coreelectronics and their community and I wanted to give something back. I hope that people would only use the assets for their own personal use. I am happy to send you the STLs of Hathor, though. Since you asked I I’d like you to have the set. If you give me your email I’ll send them to you. As to your question on scale. I use the prusa slicer for printing. I found that I had to set my scale factor to 1000% and that was the right size. I’m not sure why it not 1 to 1 from Maya.


Thank you so much, @Pixmusix. It makes me happy that you like my project enough to write these kind words. Thank you. Here is a link to what my plans are for next year. Bert Lewis on Instagram: "Halloween update: Replaced the motor driver and fixed some bugs in my code. Now I just need to make the other drawer and make it look pretty. #HalloweenBox"


cheers @bert231206 Bert
perfectly understandable, if your kickstarter features a commercial licence id be happy to pay for that once your kickstarter is up.
looking forward to printing myself a sobek and hathor