Project by Brendan7266; Lightbox

Brendan7266 just shared a new project: "Lightbox"

The idea was to leverage the light transmitting properties of clear acrylic sheeting and pass LED light through it; interfering the transmission using laser cut edges which would cause the light to highlight the lines thereby creating a painting with light.

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A great project, thanks for sharing it with us @Brendan7266. I admit, it’s tough to see the gecko in this image afterwards. But the outcome is just dazzling.

What’s next on the cards for the laser cutter?

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I’ve got a few projects on the go and will share in the next few weeks as I
complete them.


Neat, looking forward to see them!

really love this work, totally gorgeous

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would love to contribute some illustrated work with hard edges originally designed for holographic display on the Musion holographic screens if yr interested.

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Thanks for the kind feedback Jasper49229

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The Musion Holographic system looks very interesting… do you have images
of what you did with this?

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yes, it works by slightly texturing the plate glass, then shining a projector from an upper hidden level onto a mirror just below floor level that then bounces the image upwards so it then somehow appears perfectly on the invisibly micro-textured plate glass.

fascinating system, but quite simple really.

i will prepare some images from the works i have shown with them. One ten-minute movie was displayed for three days at Kinetik art show in London 2016, the other was purchased by the Hotel of Dreams in Macau.

much of the animated work has gradient and particle effects, so, not really appropriate for laser cutting at all.

but the illustrated prepared images i made, they are perfect candidates for laser etching, potentially :slight_smile:

rather than post a host of single images here, by next week i will prepare a couple of large images with a number of the illustrations. most are about 3000 pixels wide at 150dpi.