Project by Ken67819; The Euclidean

Hey everyone, I’ve just shared a new project: “The Euclidean”

I’m an amateur musician but a pretty serious classical & jazz pianist, and this project arose out of my interest in exploring the difference between writing music for synthesisers and music for piano.  I work as a mathematician, so I am also very interested in the mathematical underpinnings of music and harmony. The Euclidean allows me to directly experiment with mathematical models that drive melody, harmony, and rhythm.

Here is the full write-up.


Hi Ken.
A very professionally built unit. Congratulations and well done, a nice piece of work.
I am no musician ( a gramophone is my instrument of choice) but can appreciate the time and effort you have put into this to finish up with a nice looking well built product.
Cheers Bob


Nice work Ken! :clap:

I hope you like the write-up, this was an excellent project and the linked paper was a very interesting read, would highly recommend it for anyone interested in mathematics, or music.