Project by Michael; Smart Tunnel with PiicoDev

Michael just shared a new project: "Smart Tunnel with PiicoDev"

Tunnels are a critical part of road infrastructure and they feature some pretty cool tech. This Smart Tunnel project demonstrates some of the technology involved and how some real-world problems might be solved. 

RFID Trip Counting - Each unique RFID tag is tracked to give a total count of trips taken, and a per-vehicle breakdown.
Configurable Lanes - Each of the two lanes can be enabled/disabled with a capacitive button. A lane has either a red or green light to indicate its status.
Text display - The entry of the tunnel sports a text display that can show custom messages. Presently it warns when a lane is closed, or shows a safety message and trip count.
Ventilation - A user-controllable ventilation fan circulate fresh air through the tunnel.
Street Lights - Street lighting activates when ambient light is low.

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Hey Michael,

Interesting project, nice hack with the button and some headers. Was that a V0 PiicoDev module in the background there?

Cant wait for all of the new modules to drop :smiley:


Yes that’s a prototype from a long time ago - back when we only had three modules in the mix. Hardly worth releasing a splitter. Now that we have a lot more, it’s probably justified to produce a splitter!

Coming soon


Very nice, looking forward to seeing and experiementing with all the new boards The Factory will be releasing in the coming production runs! Good eye @Liam120347