Project by Pixstatic; GlowBit Desktop Audio-Visualiser

I have just shared a new project: “GlowBit Desktop Audio-Visualiser”

I’ve had this little 8x8 Glowbit matrix for a few weeks now, and for whatever reason, the first thing I thought after running the example programs was “This needs to be synchronised to music!”

So, I set out to turn it into an audio-visualiser, and oh boy was that a process.

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Hi Pixstatic,

Congratulations on the awesome project. The build quality came out really nice for something with so few assembly steps.

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Cheeky little rickroll there towards the end :stuck_out_tongue:

Really impressive little project with loads of great details! I appreciated how little material the enclosure requires.


Ha yeah I did my best to cut down on material with the design (especially because I was up to my 8th time printing it). I was a little worried that those hexagons would be tough to print but I think the rest of the design gives them just enough time to cool that it doesn’t cause any problems.

I’m glad you like it!