Project by Russell5317; House Power and Solar Monitor

Russell5317 just shared a new project: "House Power and Solar Monitor"

I’ve had a Current Cost Power Monitor for a number of years which worked well until we put solar on the roof. The Current Cost can’t determine which direction the power is flowing and so power generation and consumption are added together on the Current Cost display rendering it unusable.
The solution I came up with is actually two projects that communicate via RF.

Arduino Yun connects to the Current Cost via the USB port to capture power consumption.
Arduino Uno/Xino Basic for Atmel connects to a Xantrex Grid Tie Solar Inverter to capture power generation

Power consumption is calculated by the difference between the CurrentCost and the Xantrex Inverter. Results are displayed via a LCD screen.
The code for the project can be found at
Note that you could actually choose to only do one of these projects or take some of the concepts and solve a problem of your own.

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Russel - interesting project. I have had a similar setup, and I am planning on getting another transmitter for all the mains cables. Ideally what I would like to do is to replace the EnviR and have an Ardunio or something that injects the data via IP to a MacMini. I’ve hacked together the following , which does sort of that. Though seems that the EnviR injection to Mac is a bit sketchy, and would be great to have the Ardunio manage this process in a bit more intelligent manner. Have you looked at putting logic like that into the Yum etc by any chance, and then pushing that data to another requestor of sorts? I found using WSO2BAM pretty decent, as once I have the data in Cassandra… the ability to write hive queries and inject the data to MySQL was useful. Intention is to pull that data from a web page or two, or even just build a responsive app as a front end. Thoughts?