Project by thatssomo; Spirit In A Box Halloween Trick

I have just shared a new project: “Spirit In A Box Halloween Trick”

IntroductionThis project was born from the desire to craft a captivating and spine-tingling magic trick that would add an air of mystique to a Halloween and supernatural-themed party that I would be attending. It aimed to immerse partygoers in an un…

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Such a fun idea.
That bell is inspired.
Gives the project an otherworldly 1800’s flavor whilst being tactile.
What a great find! Pix :heavy_heart_exclamation:


Fun project. Well done! I like the use of the bell and the aesthetic of the finished box.


Very cool project! Thanks for posting :partying_face:

Would be careful not to let the “spirit” with 15 kg holding force in the box too close to your smartwatch, phone, or similar accidentally :sweat_smile:

Absolutely love the styling though, haven’t seen a latch like that in quite some time.

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Undoubtedly a fun idea! Definitely one of the more elegant projects i’ve seen. Nice job.