Project by Tim; A 3D Printed Ukulele

Tim just shared a new project: "A 3D Printed Ukulele"

Here is a project I just could not help myself but build. A 3D printable Ukulele with a body as large as I could fit standing upright on the printers here. The intention was to make it as large as possible, using no supports, and without the need to combine too many components together. By printing the base upright, thus it having a flat bottom, means I can store the Ukulele on the end safely which feels pretty cool. And best of all it sounds pretty swell too. 
It also got me wondering what else musical you can 3D print, one quick look online I found an Ocarina, a Fiddle, a Magic Death whistle, Bagpipe components and even a Trumpet. All with free files readily available to print.
The overall feeling of this project was deep breaths to make the right decisions and a gradual build of excitement. Ever since I got the body of the guitar printed (which took 2+ days to do so) and saw how beautifully it came straight off the build platform I just had this feeling that this project was going to come out crisp. The Polymaker PolyWood (PLA) filament used for the body of the instrument produces an excellent reverberation because of the density that matches wood. See below for the build video. 

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Mmm, that’s a tasty project!