Project uv/uva

I’m looking at setting up a uv/uva light using 20 5mm leds need it to be potable run off a battery pack what the best way to got about setting it up

Hi @Shaun53144,

If you are using the following LEDs, then the forward voltage is rated for 3.4V @ 20mA. At full brightness, that’s 400mA of current (quite a lot for a battery). Perhaps use a LiPo so you can get decent on-time, and easy recharges via USB. You’ll need to use an appropriate resistor for each LED, 100 ohm is the closest common-value for the spec of that LED (5-3.4/0.02 = 100 ohm given 80 ohm isn’t common)

Keep us updated with how you get on!

Thank you very helpful with the lithium battery could I use the 2000 amp hour battery

Hi Shaun,

You can use whatever capacity you like. The larger the battery capacity, the longer your project will last.