Pwm signal distance

First time post so apologies if my electronics lingo is not quite there.
Looking to replace my pool lights and was wondering if the following is ok.
I was planning to use a Neo pixel ring driven by Arduino.
I have 3 to replace. I think i can waterproof them no issues.
What i am unaware of is distance of pwm signal from the Arduino. The furthest distance that i am expecting is about 10 metres. Will i have issues on signal loss?
I will be addressing the possible voltage loss on the power input by sending out 12v and have 12v to 5v strip downs closer to each light as i thought that sending out 5v over 10m might result in to much power drop.
The lights will then be controlled through an Arduino and HA interface.


Hi Patrick,

The problem will not be sending 5v over 10 meters. You will experience some voltage drop but not much. Your problem will be sending the data signal those distances. A general rule of thumb is that you cannot send a Neopixel data signal more than 10 meters. You could try using a logic level shifter mid way through the span to “boost” the signal, but they operate on extremely tight timing tolerances and most likely you will just need to find a way to keep the distance under 10 meters.

The neopixels will operate at a lower voltage than 5V, they just won’t be as bright. A 0.5V drop will be nearly unnoticeable.

Thanks for that. My layout means that i can get my pwm signal under 10m.
Will have a play with it.

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