Hi guys need help asap neopixel rings

I’m running 4 neopixel rings in my car the cable run is about 2 meters I’m using sp107e led controller I hooked everything up used the power source from my car cigarette lighter then to an Arduino uno fromthe board I gave power to the sp107e led controller
It work fine for a day now it’s just stuck at one colour and the sp107e is discoverable on the phone

Can any one tell me how much power I will need to run 4 x 24 led rings with 2 meters cable run

Also if anyone can tell me what I’m doing wrong that will be nice
Thanks in advance guys

Hey Krishnil,

It’s difficult to come up with an exact estimate for the particular current which will be required with all of the peripherals, as that’s highly dependant on the dynamic load that will be caused while each device is running. As for the cable run, that shouldn’t affect the draw significantly unless the wire is very thin or made of a material that isn’t overly conducive. Can you send us through some pictures of your project, it’d be really helpful in troubleshooting issues with the connections and organization of the circuit.

All the best!

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