Pi Zero W Firmware showing Pi Model B+

I recently received my Pi Zero W and had problems trying to connect to wifi. When i installed RetroPie and went to WIFI to connect, no wifi SSID was listed. I used another SD card to write another image and it was the exact same problem.

I then used a friends Pi Zero W with both images and they listed the wifi SSIDs and connected fine.

I then check the firmware on both Pi Zeros and my one displayed Pi Model B+ and my friends had Pi Zero W V1.1

Is this something that can be fixed by updating the firmware?

HI Larry,

It definitely sounds like a software issue. What image are you using?

Hi Sam, I downloaded the “Raspberry Pi 0/1” image from https://retropie.org.uk/download/

The thing is it works fine on my friends Pi Zero W but not on mine and it is the same microSD card.

Do you think it is a software issue or a firmware issue on my Pi Zero W because I check the firmware and it showed Raspberry Pi Model B+ ?


When you say you ‘check the firmware’ what exactly do you mean? All of the software that runs on a Pi is provided on the SD card. Try a different image perhaps, try NOOBS or raspbian and see if they work.

If you’re still having the same issue, then there’s probably a weird, low level hardware bug.

I did did the below check in the teminal

cat /sys/firmware/devicetree/base/model

I don’t believe the image is the problem, like you said all the software is provided on the SD card and I used the same SD cards on both Pi Zero W with different results so it looks like the only thing that are different between the 2 is the actual Pi Zero W board itself.

Yeah I think you’re right, but just to check against something else, can you try a different image?

Hey, @Larry17282,
It’s super weird that an incorrect firmware appears to be running on your Pi. I’ve verified my own PZW is running Raspberry Pi Zero W Rev 1.1

Follow Sam’s recommendation of installing Rasbpian and see what firmware version is returned in that environment. If it’s still incorrect, the only potential solution that comes to mind is to execute sudo apt-get install rpi-update and then sudo rpi-update which is a firmware-update utility intended to run on Raspbian. This utility is largely unnecessary for most users, but given you’re apparently running the incorrect firmware to begin with I suppose it can’t hurt?

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Hi Sam/Michael,
I will try the Noob image and see what it comes back with. I didn’t want to try to do any updates in case it caused more damage than good.

It shouldn’t matter, but rather than using NOOBS, try raspbian directly as it will be a quicker process (the link I sent you is for straight Raspbian)

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sure, I’ll try that and let you know how it goes

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Hi Sam,
I have use the full Raspbian image you have suggested and checked the model.

below is a screenshot of the result.

You can see clearly printed that the board is “Pi Zero W V1.1” but the model is stating “Raspberry Pi Model B Rev 2”

It does not have wifi/bluetooth so I am unable to do anything such as updates or connect to the internet.

Interesting. I’d like to get this back to investigate it further. We’ll be in touch by email to arrange a swapsee

Hi Graham/Sam,
I received your email and will post it sometime next week and let you know when its on its way.

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Hi there.
Not wanting to hi-jack the thread, my new Pi Zero W shows “Raspberry Pi Zero W Rev 1.1” when I do cat /sys/firmware/devicetree/base/model. Still no wifi though.

I have another thread open re this so will go back there now:)


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