Questions about add bluetooth communication by using AT89C5131

My teacher wants to add Bluetooth communication to the electronic project in are school. He asked me to check out the possibility.

I tried googling, but I couldn’t find anything I was sure about.

I am looking for a chip that fulfils the following conditions:

1、Decodes and encodes bluetooth communication.
2、Interfaced using RS-232 (anything else is acceptable, if you explain or give references for how to use it).
3、Nothing too fancy.

It could be more than one chip.

The microcontroller we are using is AT89C5131. According to its datasheet, AT89C5131 uses the 8051 architecture

Hi @Helly32110,

Sounds like a good project is underway. Perhaps checkout the HC-06. It takes care of the Bluetooth layer and leaves you with a simple UART interface.

There are lots of projects out there with it, checkout some Arduino projects and you’ll be able to reverse engineer how to use it for your device.

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Also, I’ve written up some tutorials on Bluetooth communication, and one specifically using the HC-05 and HC-06 modules. It’s very easy, and they’re designed to operate as a transparent UART connection.

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Thanks for your suggestions and I’ve read the passage you wrote, it helps me a lot to comprehend the bluetooth communication.:grin:


Awesome, glad to hear it! Best of luck with your project :slight_smile: