Questions about Low Temperature Thermoplastic

Hi there, I’m looking for something to make a small part (~10mm square wedge) for a craft project that I want to, not mass produce but handcraft repeatedly. Is this OK to glue with superglue/acetone based glue, and how long does it last, like will it break down after a year or soften in really hot weather? Also how long does it take to harden?

I don’t have a 3d printer and also I need each to be unique so that isn’t an option. If you could suggest a better solution I’m open to it.

Thanks in advance

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Hi Jase,

Welcome to the forum!!

I’d say superglue would work a treat, once the plastic is heated up it will be a bit tacky and should adhere to other plastics by itself (it won’t make a suuuper solid connection but should stick).
How long will it last is a bit of a tough one, with a super low melting point of 60 C it will melt if there is a lot of friction between the part or if heat builds up around it.
I’d say it would take around 30 minutes to toughen up then another 4+ to completely set for a small peice, for it to harden it has to cool down enough for the polymer chains to settle and tangle together.

You can read more about the specific polymer here: Polycaprolactone - Wikipedia

Could you opt for something made out of resin? A personal favourite is grabbing a pallet or DAR wood, a tenon saw and a bit of sandpaper for small squarish chunks.


Thanks Liam - I hadn’t thought about resin. From what you’ve described I think the polymer is actually perfect, it’ll stay soft long enough to get the other parts aligned the way I want. I don’t expect it to have to deal with much movement so that shouldn’t be an issue

Thanks again