Novice here so excuse any ignorance in what I’m asking. I purchased the RaPi starter kit with: Raspberry Pi 4 Case, Red/White (Official) | Core Electronics Australia. I’ve used it to setup a HA instance and have no become quite reliant on it so am looking into connecting a UPS.

Some little reading and I liked the simplicity and functionality of the PiJuice. After a chat with a staff member, we’re pretty sure the case won’t support this so considering a case with more vertical space. Unless there’s a non-HAT UPS that will do the job?

Given I do go down the PiJuice path - I’m presuming it will work as PnP but I won’t be able to customise anything given the OS I’m running?

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Hi ADC, welcome to the forum!

I second the recommendation of the Pijuice. The software that runs on it will do smart stuff like shut down the Pi gracefully if the battery runs out during an outage. As for appropriate cases, something like this should work well:

You will need to install the pijuice CLI, as described here: https://github.com/PiSupply/PiJuice/blob/master/Software/README.md


Thanks for the reply James. That was the same case recommendation I got from another person so I think I’ll go ahead with that if I do get the PiJuice.
From what I understood before, I would’ve needed to install the PiJuice software via the Rasbian OS. Or will it work on any Linux based OS?

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Hi Alex,

There’s actually an integration for HA directly!
You can read more on this Repo: GitHub - Racailloux/home-assistant-pijuice: Home Assistant integration to support PiJuice UPS Hat and retrieve values to sensors.


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Awesome thank you!
Looks doable, even for me :slight_smile:

Hypothetically, if I were to just install the hardware (HAT) onto my RaPi and boot it up, would it work without any modifications? I’m not 100%, but from the reading I’ve done, it seems like the software provides the ability to modify the config.
So I’m wondering if it would work out of the box? As in, provide UPS to the RaPi, presumably until it run sout of battery if the mains were to be down for >6 hours.