Pi 4 UPS Server; Pi Juice + Aluminum case fan

Hi Everyone,
I’m getting more into Home Assistant and am looking to adopt it to help turn our biotech lab into a smart lab.

One of the most annoying things that can happen is the power going out. While a lot of our equipment have inbuilt UPS, none of it matters if the wifi goes down and we’re not notified. So, i was thinking some of the automatic triggers of PiJuice would be handy to have HA notify me of when the power is out (among other cool sensors/statuses we can have on HA).

I’m stuck trying to figure out if i could use the aluminum case with dual cooling fans alongside the PiJuice HAT.

I thought I could try to extend the headers a bit to allow room for the PiJuice to stand on top, but looking at the curved edges of the aluminum case around the GPIO pins, am unsure if something like this might fit on the pins while a Pi is encased in that particular…case.

Any ideas?


Hi Andrew, checked on other websites about the screw holes on the heat sink and photos on several websites and manufacturers. The screws go in from bottom to the top and the screw holes are not through to the top. It is either the heat sink hat or some other hat. Can’t have the Pi Juice and cool it too (bad pun), with this heat sink hat.


Thanks for checking, im thinking of going with some GPIO headers that bend at 90 degrees so the pijuice is vertical and mounted to the side of a 3d printed case instead.

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Hi Andrew,

Welcome to the forum! Very sorry that we didn’t get back to you sooner!

I’ve just tested the PiJuice and the case in both configurations:
Using this header(PRT-16764) you’re able to get enough clearance for the standoffs(though they don’t attach to anything) - You’ll also need a small jumper cable to get the fans connected to the Pijuice’s header

And this right angle connector (ADA2823) has a marginal connection - I’m not too sure if it will be able to carry the full grunt of the PiJuice’s output. You’ll also need a jumper to connect this one.
Some M2.5 nuts should be installed on the bottom screws to make sure the fastening plate doesnt fall off.

If you’ve got anything else you’d like us to test in-house feel free to send through some links!

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Cheers Liam, really appreciate you testing this all out before i buy anything! I was close to getting those 90 degree headers!

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