Rpi-4-4gig win 10

well i followed a guys tut on youtube got my rpi-4-4gig running all 4 gig of its ram…all four cores no l-3 cache is a miss prolly has none…i `d say…
according to the system tab in the c-panel only in rpi-config at bios level… i boosted it to 2200 but win 10 only reports 1500 same with the processor in the task manager …so i dunno where or if i can squeeze any more out of it running a 120 gig sata …ssd … all the usb ports seem to function except i dunno about the usb-type-c…i use it as input power…seems very functional eth port works etc,about anything else…dunno where the config.txt file is only got it running last knight…got to google more i think it inspires me step up to 8 gig…see how things pan out etc…etc…no pics nothing to show expect my tall blue heat sink is working passive …running hot but not hot enough that i cannot hold or touch it for some period going to add an rtc module to see if it will function…8563 chipset .may have to hack it into the usb port bus…but i dunno… if at all…will dedicate more ram to the gpu …etc…etc1080 running video but its great on netflix seems crystal under edge…got ff as well…


Hi Brian,

Cool to see you always pushing the limits of the Pi!

With ARM pulling itself into centre stage with M1 Macs, we might see the Pi reach full desktop performance one day!