Raspberry pi 3 B+

to keep it short
have you had any experience with connecting a Pi to a LED screen module and having it worked
my progress
raspberry Pi 3B+
LED modules single color from China (professional ones)
try using HZeller info without any success (re his demo samples …something is happening but not correct)
have used Arduino UNO R3 with plenty of success (controlled by app I developed)
Now I want to use Raspberry Pi (from terminal initially then app later)
I am using wi-fi (have no problem with connections etc EXCEPT cannot setup a STATIC IP address keeps changing every day…hey that’s a problem for the future.
if you have any ideas without wasting your time it would be appreciated
Keven Goller

Hi Keven,

I’ll need a lot more info to be able to help you out with this one. Can you give me the specifics of the devices you are using, how you are connecting it, and what you are trying to accomplish?