Raspberry Pi 3 model B+ won't connect to University Secured Ethernet

I am connected to my university internet via ethernet cable that is provided in my room. So, I do not have physical access to the university LAN router and yes, they (IT Support) do not offer any help if you are using Linux. Whenever I plug the ethernet cable to my windows laptop, internet browser appears automatically, showing the university portal page and once I log in (using username and password provided), I get access to the internet. I have observed that on the windows laptop if I do ipconfig/all, the following information appear same all the time and IP address does not change. The following is the ipconfig/all output of my windows laptop connected to internet via ethernet cable.

My Problem
I have got a new raspberry pi 3 (running latest Raspbian Stretch with Desktop - June 2018) from Core Electronics and at first, I was unable to connect it to the internet at all. Searching forums all over the internet for 2 days, I managed to get a WiFi connection on it by modifying the wpa_supplicant.conf file as shown below,

Ctrl_interface=DIR=/var/run/wpa_supplicant GROUP=netdev
         ssid=”ABC University”
         group=CCMP TKIP
         identity="student id"
         password="student portal password"

However, I need to connect internet via ethernet cable because I am running a camera with my Raspberry Pi and I want to get live stream remotely. I am aware that I need port forwarding and the university offered me port forwarding on the above stated IP address for a period of 1 month. Unfortunately, I need to connect to the internet by myself and I do not know how to achieve this. I hope to get help through this forum to get it working. I am ready to provide extra information if required. Thanks in anticipation.

Hi Sahar
To connect to the wired network you will need to plug it into a connected wall point. If it does not just work you will probably need to send your IT department the Physical address of your Pi so they can put it on the network.