Raspberry Pi 3 not connecting to wireless internet

Hi, my son’s Raspberry Pi 3 cannot connect to internet through Wi-Fi (it will connect if the Ethernet cable is plugged in). Message in bar on bottom right of screen reads: eth0: Link is down wlan0: Not associated


Thanks for making a post :slight_smile:

I presume you’ve set the Panel to be at the bottom rather than the top (which is the default), so just keep that in mind when searching for answers online.

If that’s the message you receive when mousing over the network connection icon, that is a normal message indicating you aren’t connected to a WiFi (wlan) network.You can left click on that icon to select a WiFi network (or Turn on your wifi if it is off).

This is also a really good troubleshooting guide: https://jeffcraft.com/raspberry-pi/wifi-not-working-3-steps-to-fix-it-on-raspberry-pi/

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