Raspberry Pi 4 audio over HDMI failure

Hi All,
Using Noobs and a TV but struggling with HDMI audio out. Using stock Raspberry Pi power & HDMI cable from Core-Electronics :slightly_smiling_face: The GUI shows HDMI in use (right click volume top right).
Raspberry Pi doco suggests the GUI, command line and raspi-config, tried all three. I even tried /boot/config.txt without success.
Tried two TVs, and my monitor (via audio out jack on the monitor). Analog sound is fine.
Only software installed is Kodi (not running) and barrier (running). All software up-to-date.

Any ideas out there?
Thanks Graham

Ok so there are two HDMI ports only one supports audio. I swapped to the other port and all good.

Incidentally, Kodi had is own setting for audio independent of the underlying OS. That setting also permitted HDMI and analogue which is exactly what I wanted for Pi as a media centre.

I am having the same issue but with my headphones for some reason they dont play any noise i have no idea why this happens please help me

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Hi Nazier133196, Are your headphones HDMI? Have you tried the other HDMI port - that worked for me.

Otherwise if your headphones use the analog port please open a separate thread, it will be easier for other users to respond to your problem.


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