Raspberry PI 4B

I use Raspberry PI 4B to play video using HDMI and extract audio from HDMI. However, is there any way I can get the audio via the existing audio jack on the Raspberry PI board at the same time as I am playing the video over HDMI?


I think it is one or the other. Not both.

I could be wrong.


Hey Anthony,

I’d reading through the mopidy docs to see how to configure the audio output from the command line in Raspberry Pi OS. As a guess, I’d imagine that this is using a bit-field to determine where the audio is being output

i.e. 0 - Off Off 1 - Off On 2 - On Off so maybe 3 - On On (just a hunch, but worth a shot :sweat_smile:)

Try running sudo amixer cset numid=3 3 and let us know what results you come up with, curious to see whether you can get it to output from both with this setting