Raspberry Pi 400 no audio over HDMI

Hi, have a RPi400 hooked up to a HDMI monitor with speakers and don’t get any audio. Have checked settings to confirm it’s set to HDMI for sound. Have tried the various uncommenting config file tricks I see on every forum. Have tried both HDMI outputs on the Pi. Have reimaged the SD card with latest Rasbian OS and done all software updates. Still not having any luck. Monitor definitely works with other computers. What haven’t I tried?

Hi Stephen,

I know these checks will seem obvious but:

  • Is the display volume raised?
  • Have you tried manually routing audio from an application into HMDI?

    Try the HDMI-related options for the “Device” field and let us know if any of those work.

Just for future reference, could you send us a picture of your setup, as well as the OS version you’re running?

Keen to get to the bottom of this with you!

I tested some media in VLC and it is working which is great but it isn’t working in Chromium which is where I need it to work. I can’t see anything in Chromium’s setting regarding sound.

Hi Stephen,

Good to hear you did get audio via HDMI when using VLC, that rules out the hardware being faulty as a possible cause.

Unfortunately, I don’t have more information for you regarding why the software side isn’t playing nice.
I did find this thread which suggests using the pavucontrol command to manually set chromes audio output. That might be worth exploring.


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Slowly narrowing it down. Plugged into a TV and Chromium audio does work so it is just not happy with my Samsung monitor. Did try pavucontrol and can see the audio levels outputting. I do get audio through this monitor with a Windows laptop. What else could I try?

Hi Stephen,

If both devices can output audio via HDMI separately then it sounds like an interaction between the way the Pi is handling the audio via HDMI and how the Samsung monitor handles its audio.

My knowledge of the HDMI standards is pretty limited but reading through this documentation on the Pi it seems like there are two modes devices can operate in and you should be able to instruct the Pi to query the monitor and ask what mode it is running in.

But if I’ve already established I can get audio with this monitor with VLC then wouldn’t this suggest the issue lies within Chromium?

I’ve just tested a different web browser (Midori) and audio works with it! Anything else I could try to troubleshoot Chromium? I’d prefer to use it.

I had a similar issue using Bluetooth speakers after an update. Finally was able to get the sound by using ‘cast’ option in Chrome browser. Try the same in Chromium.

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