Raspberry Pi 4 Metal Case with 3.5 480x320 TFT Touch Screen (FIT0820)

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Here comes a case that can hold the Raspberry Pi and the screen together. It consists of a metal case with a frosted tactile feel and a 3.5-inch TFT touch screen…

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I am looking at the Pi 4 Metal case with 3.5 TFT screen and I would like to know;

  1. Is the screen good quality like waveshare screens?

  2. does it have a fan?


Hi Steve,

While the manufacturer hasn’t provided info on where the display comes from, the PCB looks functionally identical to a screen made by Waveshare, so I’d say they are similar:

Regarding a fan, there isn’t one in this case, and it’d be hard to integrate one as the power pins on the 40-pin header are taken up by the HAT, but in almost all cases, a heatsink is more than sufficient to keep the processor cool.

Hi James

Thanks for that info


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