Raspberry Pi 4 Starter Kit (8GB) (CE08071)

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Get started with Raspberry Pi, this kit has everything you will need to begin your Raspberry Pi journey.

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Do you have any Rpi 4 8gb in kits available?

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Welcome Peter :slight_smile:

Core have all of the kits categorised by Model, currently it looks like 8GB is available with limited QTY: Model B Kits - Raspberry Pi Australia


typically how long will it take for the pi 8gb starter kit to be in stock

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Hi Steven,

Welcome to the forum!!

Most Raspberry Pi variants are available in kit format, albeit with limited QTYs, especially the 8GB Pi’s:

At the time of writing this the only available 8GB kit is the Ultimate kit, jam packed with all of the essentials for the Raspberry Pi!

While we may have sporadic stock here and there, single boards are not expected until 2023 due to an undersupply of boards and an oversupply of accessories. We are unable to provide firm ETAs.

I hope that info helps in some way!