Raspberry Pi 4 Ultimate Kit (2GB) (CE09175)

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Kickstart your Raspberry Pi experience, this kit featuring the Raspberry Pi 2GB has absolutely everything a Maker needs to start developing projects!

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Hey core electronics team,
I am planning to buy raspberry pi 4. I plan to use it to record images for 24 hours after connecting to a microscope camera. Could you suggest me whether I should purchase a 2gb/4gb/8gb kit ?

Hey there!

The amount of memory you need for your Raspberry Pi 4 depends on the specific requirements of the software you will be using to record the images. In general, if you are planning to record images for 24 hours continuously, you may want to consider purchasing a kit with at least 4GB of RAM to ensure smooth performance.

If the software you plan to use is lightweight and not very demanding, then 2GB of RAM may be sufficient. However, if the software requires more processing power, such as image processing and analysis, you may want to consider a 4GB or 8GB kit to ensure the Pi can handle the workload.

Hey Vibhuti,
Welcome to the forums!

Sounds like an awesome project in the works! We may need a bit more information on what youre ideal set up is for this. We need to know the resolution you are looking to record at, if you are using a specific program to run it through, if you are looking to stream it and if there are any other peripherals you are looking to add to the set up?

Once we get a bit more info, we can figure out what may suit your use case best.


Indeed it’s a very good kit.

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