Raspberry Pi 4 Ultimate Kit (8GB) (CE08725)

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Kickstart your Raspberry Pi experience, this kit featuring the Raspberry Pi 8GB has absolutely everything a Maker needs to start developing projects!

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I am wanting to create a system where a Pi camera 3 will run 24/7 recording on a PTZ stand and will upload that to twitch 24/7 live stream. ( I can move the camera or have twitch donos move it)

i am unsure which Pi system would be able to handle this and any help would be appreciated.

I was thinking a Pi 4 4 - 8 GB?
kind regards

Hey Mitch,
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That is absolutely possible, I found an article where they did so using a Pi 3B to stream live video, so I don’t think the 8GB would be a requirement for that one, a 4GB or even 2GB should be enough to do what you are looking for.