Raspberry Pi 6mm Wide Angle Camera Lens (CS-Mount) not focusing

I recently purchased a Raspberry Pi High Quality (HQ) Camera and Raspberry Pi 6mm Wide Angle Camera Lens (CS-Mount) and watching the video tutorial I was not able to get the lens to focus at a distance greater that 1cm. I have attached 4 photos and as you can see in 1.jpg the camera is about 10cm away from the item and when you look at 2.jpg you will see the image is still blurry on the screen. If I try and focus the lens it seems to get worse not better I should also mention the position is set to near on the lens and will not go further back the only option is to rotate the lens towards the far position which makes the image more blurry. If you look at 3.jpg photo you will see the camera is about 1cm away from the item and it now looks like it is in focus see 4.jpg but this is very close and not really useful. In the video they show image will looks to be a good 20 or 30cm way. It’s almost like the lens is in reverse could this be possible?
Would any one have any suggestions why I am not able to focus the lens from 10cm or more away?
Kind regards John.


Hi John,

In your photo it looks like you’ve still got the C-CS adapter installed? It should be removed for the 6mm Wide angle.

Graham covered use of the lens in his live stream when it first came out:

Hopefully this video gets you out of trouble :slight_smile:


Thank you for the link Oliver that did the trick camera is now able the focus well. I thought about removing that part but was worried I might damage sensor should have just given it a go. Much appreciated. Kind regards John