Pi wide Angle Camera Module - Out of Focus

Recently purchased the Pi Wide Angle Camera Module, image seems to be out of focus.
Is there a way to adjust the focus ??
The lens seems to have a thread on it but it does not turn. Don’t want to put to much pressure on turning it as it might beak. Web page says adjustable focus, how do I do that ??

I have 2 Pi Camera V2 and adjusting the focus on them is pretty tricky This device really helped.


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Hey James! (nice name by the way)

I’ve confirmed that the thread is kept in place by a small amount of glue, and that applying moderate twist to the lens breaks this glue and allows you to adjust it.

I didn’t observe any damage, so you should be fine to give this a go yourself.


Yep it was glue.
With the one I had it was quite a lot of glue, covered about 1/4 of the circumference. Scrapped as much off as I could off, then gentle use with pliers it came loose, and now in focus. I could not turn it by hand to begin with, now I can.

Thanks for checking, cheers

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