HQ Camera has become blurry


This is a bit of a strange one. I have a Pi HQ Camera with a Pi 6mm Wide Angle Camera Lens (CS-mount) - I’ve had it for about a year and it’s worked and absolute treat with the images always being crisp and clear. I recently went to swap out the 6mm lens and try the Pi 16mm Telephoto Cemera Lens instead. powered the Pi on and went to view the camera image but it was incredibly blurry and would not come into focus at all.

I swapped the 16mm Telephoto Camera Lens out to go back to the Pi 6mm Wide Angle Camera Lens, powered on the Pi and then also observed the same blurriness.

Thinking that maybe the cable between the camera was faulty, I swapped out the cable that connects the Pi to the camera - again powered on and went to view the image but it was still blurry.

I did some searching around the internet and there was a suggestion that I remove the CS adapter, so I did… then with a couple of turns of the camera lens I can bring images into focus.

My issue is - why has the 6mm lens been working for the past year and now doesn’t work unless I remove the CS adapter. Similarly if I remove the CS adapter for the 16mm lens then that works too… it’s almost as if the Pi HQ camera unit focus / focal point has diminished since I removed the 6mm lens initially.

Thoughts (or should I just park it for it’s weirdness and keep operating now without the CS adapter that comes with the 6mm and 16mm cameras) ??

Cheers, James.

Hi James,

Could it be the back-focus has come out of adjustment in your lens swapping?

Wow, that single-page pdf is mega bloat.