Raspberry Pi 7" Touchscreen with Zero

Does the Pi Foundation’s touchscreen work with the Zero? I was originally hoping to use a Zero to free up a 3B that is currently in a Voicekit, but it appears that the Voicekit V1 doesn’t play nice with a Zero. As such, I am not looking to directly connect the Zero to an official touchscreen.

I understand that the Zero lacks the DSI connection. Will it work with a GPIO connection?

Unfortunately there is no way to connect the Pi Zero to the Pi Foundation touchscreen. You need the DSI connection to make it happen. You can connect a standard LCD screen to the Zero, but its really designed to be used headless, and for that reason its not compatible with touchscreens. There are small screens that use the GPIO pins, but none list the Pi Zero as being compatible.

I figured that may be the case. Thankfully, I had a spare Pi2 floating around. I chucked the Pi2 into an existing AIY kit, freeing up the Pi3 to be used with an touchscreen.

Added bonus is that the Pi0 works perfectly with a cheap DAC board I also had floating around. It is now a handy Volumio setup.


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