Raspberry Pi Touchscreen Setup

Hi. Purchased Raspberry Pi touchscreen kit. Didn’t work. So connected Raspberry Pi to TV via HDMI cable and able to update upgrade and reboot. Tried connecting it as shown in your tutorial didn’t work so connected as per official raspberry pi tutorial didn’t work either. Am I missing a step? Making a mistake? Or is my touchscreen screen not working? I called your sales support and was advised to post on forum.Uploading: F19BE6A1-EB93-4B03-AF08-1509D5E78E98.jpeg…

Hi Davis,

Have you connected the DSI cable correctly? Sometimes they are one-sided. Are the power and ground wire from the Pi touchscreen connected to the GPIO pins of the Raspberry Pi?

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Just for others that may find this thread.

When the Raspberry Pi Official display is connected to the a Pi, the power supply must be connected to the display control board rather than the Pi itself.

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I’ll try up loading pictures again Uploading: E7728E3E-BB48-4B0D-A8AB-CD7CCBD26979.jpeg…