Raspberry Pi Camera Board - Night Vision & Adjustable-Focus Lens (5MP) (CE05783)

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What does the fox say? You’ll probably never know, but at least we can see what that pesky fox is up to with this Raspberry Pi Night Vision Camera!

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I’m assuming that this also works during daylight hours - am I correct?

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Yes. These night vision cameras are usually just an ordinary camera without an Infrared filter


Yeah, It’s a decent quality piece of kit. Does what it says on the tin, only complaint would be there is no mount provided compared to other cheaper alternatives.
Easy to assemble and set up. And my favorite thing in Raspberry Pi Camera Night Vision Camera is Excellent HAT for Raspberry pi zero. no need for an extra USB to LAN converter.

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on the “contains” list on this product:

Raspberry Pi Camera Board - Night Vision & Adjustable-Focus Lens (5MP) | Waveshare | Core Electronics Australia

it says states “Mounting hardware” I could not see the mounting hardware on any photo, is it really included? if so what does it look like?

Where exactly are potentiometers on the IR LEDs and how do you adjust them? My understanding is a potentiometer is a resistor, do they just dim the lights. The description infers that adjusting them will adjust when the LEDs turn on/off based on ambient light, which would be nice if it were true. At present, the light are always on, even in full daylight.

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With these cameras, each IR LED module either side of the Camera board has its own Potentiometer. I grabbed a unit off the shelf and have labbeled the Potentiometer on the board in the picture below:

You can adjust this potentiometer with a Phillips head screwdriver and it should adjust the ambient light required to switch on the IR LEDs while the board is active and powered.


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Thanks @Blayden thought that might have been it, but wasn’t sure.

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