Raspberry Pi Dual-Band USB WiFi Adapter with Antenna (CE07335)

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If the on-board WiFi antenna on your Raspberry Pi isn’t giving you enough range, this dual-band 2.4GHz/5GHz USB 2.0 WiFi adapter is a great option.

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From a customer email:

Just wondering if this external USB wifi adapter for the Pi 4 can work in two modes: as a standalone Access Point, as well as typical infrastructure mode (where it connects to another AP)?

Also what is the operating temperature range?


After following the driver installation instructions setting this up as a WAP will be as normal.

Raspberry Pi have some handy documentation here:

The instructions should be identical, just make sure you select the correct wlanX adapter.

As for the temperature range, I don’t have any specific information available but most electronics will handle operating temperatures in the range 0°C-70°C.