Raspberry Pi Dual-Band USB WiFi Nano Adapter (CE07334)

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If the on-board WiFi antenna on your Raspberry Pi isn’t giving you enough range, this dual-band 2.4GHz/5GHz USB 2.0 WiFi adapter is a great option.

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Do I correctly infer this will not work with a pi zero w? Is there a 5ghz usb dongle that does?


Hi Peter,

That is correct, the drivers only appear to be suitable for a Pi 4, I attempted to hook this up to a Pi Zero earlier today and it wasn’t properly recognized. That being said, this version which is currently available on backorder should do the trick, but unfortuantely I don’t have one here to confirm.

If you have any further questions (or if anyone can confirm this particular Network Card is not suitable for a Pi Zero) please let me know.

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Hi, I have a 2011 raspberry pi and want to get wifi working. What is the best option for a compatible USB wifi adapter?

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Hi Sam,

Welcome to the forum!!

Just to confirm, did you have a Pi 1? (With 26 GPIO) A picture here would help a ton!

If you download a legacy version of Pi OS (Buster) you’ll be able to use the adapter at the top of this topic no worries!

Hi Liam,
I’ve attached a photo of my pi for reference. Appreciate your help!