Raspberry pie activating 12v solonoid

So I have been having issues lately trying to activate a 12 v solonoid with a raspberry pi.


Can you describe what the issue is? Also, show how you are getting power to the solenoid. From the image it looks like you have wired the relay connections across the solenoid, rather than in line with one of the solenoid power inputs. The relay is a switch - not a power source.


This ought to get you headed in the right direction


I have 2 of 12v solenoids on my shed door, as locks. The solenoids look the same as yours. I’m sure I have activated the door hundreds of times from 3.5v to 12V without problems. Hope you sort your issues.


Hey Jdog,

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The link Oliver sent through is an excellent tutorial made by Tim!

The relay module sort of acts like two isolated systems, the β€˜Switch side’ and the β€˜logic side’

The logic side handles the powering of the internal coil and needs a logic input from an IO pin. To power the coils you will need a voltage and current capable of powering the coil (this will depend on the specific one you have.
The switch side is exactly that, it shorts out both sides of the switch so to activate the solenoid, so you will also need the appropriate voltage and current to run the solenoid.

Some modules don’t feature any supporting circuity to be able to be driven at a lower logic level. The module Tim used in his tutorial is capable of running at 3.3V which is what the Pi uses.

Let us know how you go!