RASPBERRY PI kodi - speckles on screen


Just purchased new rp4 / pwr supply/ hdmi cable. (RASPBERRY PI 4 MODEL B 8GB)

Installed LibreElec and Kodi. Configured kodi to pickup tv and movies from my nas library and also installed streaming apps kayo, youtube, netflix, etc, free to air, etc

All functions well, however, I am seeing speckles on the screen on all streamed media (not the kodi interface). Its like fine specs of coloured pixels constantly. Its really noticeable when the displayed video is black or dark. (non light for the pc).

Im thinking hdmi cable but not sure. Has anyone seen this before…

Thanks in advance.


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Hey Peter,

This often occurs with longer HDMI cables or those with faults/QC-issues. Out of curiosity, have you been able to see this occur with other displays? Also, have you got any other Pi you can use the same card with? I’d suspect that the issue will persist between models, but it’s a quick way to determine if there’s an issue with the surface-mounted HDMI connection on your board.

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I dont have the ability to use another card. I will attempt to find another cable and advise the forum.


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No worries,

I’m quite sure it’s not the OS, it would be unusual for that error to occur running the latest version of LibreElec was thinking it may be an issue with the HDMI port on your Pi if it occurs across OS with various connections and displays.

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Pulled cable out of pi and put it back in. Seemed a bit loose for a new connection but placed it back in due to lack of no other cable.

Everything fine.

(thanks Bryce)


Hi Peter,

Glad to hear you got it sorted!
Best of luck with all of your upcoming projects. :smiley: