Raspberry Pi Multi Hat question - diy input hat with Adafruit TFT - 320x240 2.8 on top

Hello, I have an idea to make a video camera using the HQ camera module, I want to create a stack with the Raspberry PI and Adafruit TFT - 320x240 2.8 ( maybe PI Juice), I also want to add GPIO rotary switch and a button (extra nice to have a hifi audio input circuit) which i was hoping to add to a protoboard hat in the stack. Is this achievable? if so could someone point me to a good resource?


Hi Jamie,
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What you are planning might be possible, but there is a few things I’d want to check first.

The Pi HQ camera connects to the Pi via a ribbon cable to the CSI connector, some Pi accessories leave a cutout slot so you can route the cable through them but the Adafruit TFT screen does not, so you might need to get creative to route the ribbon cable out from underneath the display.
The image below shows the slots for accessing the CSI and DSI connectors on a heatsink case.

The second big hurdle with stacking multiple accessories onto a single Pi is to ensure there are no GPIO conflicts. The best resource I have found for this is https://pinout.xyz/
Your display uses the SPI interface which depending on if it’s set up for SPI0 or SPI1 will use a number of GPIO pins that will be unavailable for your other accessories. So before adding your rotary switch check what GPIO pins aren’t already in use for something else.

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Cheers Spooky, didn’t know about that site so will be checking it out later. I have been writing the project breif and next week will be buying the bits to make the prototype with a board circuit. ill keep doing research.