Raspberry Pi Video Kiosk with MP4Museum

Sam just shared a new tutorial: "Raspberry Pi Video Kiosk with MP4Museum"

One of the most commonly requested projects for the Raspberry Pi is how to set it up to display one or more videos on a loop. You might have a display in a reception, or want to constantly loop the trailer or a new movie, or how about creating a vide…

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Mp4museum loads and reboots. starts up to blank screen and plays audio in loop but no video. I cannot find anyone else with this problem. thankyou

hi @Flynn260353 - nice work following the guide. It’s a strange behaviour - i wonder if there is a funny codec quirk at play here.
In any case this guide is quite old. Perhaps a more contemporary method will work better?
Are you using a Pi 3? or a newer Pi?

We have an updated guide → Digital Signage with the Raspberry Pi - Tutorial Australia

I’m using a raspberry pi 4.
The other methods won’t work for the situation.

I did find a work around. Installing an older OS (omxplayer) I was able to load the adafruit Looper. Seems to do the job fine.

Nice :slight_smile: I’m glad everything worked out!