Video Looper Software

I installed the "Video Looper preloaded micro sd card that I received from you yesterday and found that it would only run 1 pass of a video and then stalled.
I tried several videos (All mp4s) and got the same results each time. The only way I could find to exit was to power down each time.

I noticed as it restarted a “Failed to start Local/save Random seed” message was briefly
displayed in red in the lines of code that flashed by.
Any ideas on how I can get past this??

Hi Brian,

Before pressing ahead, can you confirm that the USB stick format is FAT32?

If it’s NTFS or something else, format it with FAT32 and copy the MP4s back on.

Hi Graham,

Yes the stick is definitely FAT32 format.

Thanks Brian. We’ll get a kit up and running on Monday to see if there is anything unusual with the latest build. We’ve been using the same version for almost six months now though, we’ll let you know either way.

In between, what format and compression settings are you MP4s?

Hi Graham
The videos were all "H264, 1920 by 1080, 25 frames/sec, 12000 kbits/sec"
according to my editing program.
I trust that helps.


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Hi Graham,

Your question about the settings got me thinking… so I converted my test
mp4 files to 1280 by 720 format and the program ran ok,
moving between each file without a problem, so thanks!

Now for a wish list… is there any way the program can be made to run by a
push button rather than looping??


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That’s actually a pretty cool idea Brian, perhaps @Michael_R or @Sam might be able to shed some light?

Hi Brian,

Definitely doable as the MP4 Museum project is built on Raspbian anyway. I’m not 100% sure where to start with that as we didn’t build the MP4 Museum image, but it’s worth looking into.

Hi Sam,

As I am a complete novice at this can you suggest how I can access the
code. So far I have been unsuccessful at any thing other playing the video

Hi Sam,

Oops I sent that reply too soon. Do you know of anyone out “there” who has
successfuly managed to turn a raspberry Pi3b into a
"Push to View" video player as that is what I really need

Thanks Brian

As I mentioned, @Michael_R would be the best person to give a more in depth answer, but the general idea would be to use Python and the GPIO library to detect button presses and the omxplayer player to control the videos.