Raspberry Pi Zero W (Wireless) (CE04754)

Hi @Graham,

Do you know whether there will be more stock on this in the future? and when?


Hi Tina,
We’re expecting some more in 1-2 weeks.


Hi @TinaB,

More stock has arrived!


The Pi Zero W is now my IoT platform of choice. You can get the equivalent of a Pi A/B with WiFi and Bluetooth dongles for less than the price of the dongles. And all in a smaller and lower power package. If you don’t need the grunt of a Pi2 or Pi3 then a ZeroW is the way to go.
If only you could order more than one at a time!


Great/Cheap delivery from Aus to NZ for a great product.



Hey David, I’m glad to hear you’ve had such a great experience with the Pi Zero W. We’re excited to have worked alongside the Pi Foundation to bring the Zero W to NZ!

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It’s fantastic to have a reseller in Aus/NZ. I love this device.

I purchased a Raspberry Pi Zero W with the camera kit. It arrived yesterday - woo hoo!

The one obvious difference with the Pi Zero W and the Pi 3 is the lack of pins. I realize I can solder a header or even individual leads but I was curious - are there any other options? I’m still prototyping but plan on putting the Pi into a case. At the moment I’ve resisted soldering anything but I’m constantly having issues with the leads not contacting properly.

Hi Ben,

Glad to hear it, yep the Pi Zero doesn’t come with headers to keep the form factor down. Only way to reliably get header pins on is to solder, but if you’re careful and use a quality iron, you shouldn’t have much trouble.

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What is the best way to install the latest node-red (1.0.3) on a Pi zero (ARMv6) given that nodejs no longer supports ARMv6?

Hey Geoff,

Here’s some useful links that may help solve your problem. I don’t have much experience running Node-red on a Pi Zero in particular. But someone else here may be able to help you.


I’ve taken a read through these and it seems some of the info would be helpful. All the best with it!

Core Electronics | Support

Hi there. Any idea when these will be back in stock?

Hi Rick,

Unfortunately, there’s some variability on when the Pi Zero W will be arriving due to the current situation. I’d expect it won’t be available for some weeks at this point in time. However, if you sign up for notifications on the site you should be able to receive notifications for when we get an update on the ETA for the Pi. Have a great day!

Core Electronics | Support

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I can’t add this to cart? Even after a stock notification email

just got email regarding Raspherry pi zero with WiFi availability but cannot order!

Hi I’ve been waiting for Pi Zero to come back in stock. I got the email saying they are back and can see the option to add to cart but when I hit the button I get an error saying that it’s unavailable

Hi @Stewart65009 @vlad179756 @G178658 ,

A small QTY were purchasable and have since sold out. Pi Zero Kits (including the newer Pi Zero 2 W) are still available.

While we may have sporadic stock here and there, single boards are not expected until 2023 due to an undersupply of boards and an oversupply of accessories. We are unable to provide firm ETAs.


Hi I’ve been waiting 2 years to buy the raspberry pi zero w when is it going to be back in stock


I am on the Raspberry Pi Zero Wireless product page and the price is shown as $19.95 AUD inc GST, however when I add them to my cart and go to checkout, suddenly the price has changed to $24.50!

Can you please fix this and advise when it is rectified so I can complete my order?



Hi Steven,

There will be a price change due to the landing cost of the last batch of stock. We have reverted it for a small time frame while there is some RPI Z W interest due to a recent email, though as early as tonight sometime it will be back up to the sustainable price.

Sorry for the confusion.

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