Raspberry Pi Zero Wireless running Motion

Hi all,
I have my raspberry Pi Zero Wireless running ‘motion’ to stream the camera output to my synology NAS for a low cost ip camera security system. It works pretty well so far, only issue i have come across is, if there is a power cut, if/when the pi gets power back the ‘motion’ script/app doesnt auto start. I have found some posts online about auto running python scripts but as far as i am aware motion isnt a python thing. Any tips on getting it to auto run?

There are a few different ways to get scripts to run at startup. Check out this thread:

the ‘classic’ way to run things in Linux is to use crontab. Use sudo to make it the ‘global’ crontab, that way you don’t have to log in. Use @reboot as the time specifier and it will run every reboot of the Pi. Redirect the output to a log file and you can check for any errors.
man crontab has general instructions, man 5 crontab has some examples.



Thanks for all the tips, i have found ‘Motioneye’ on git which seems to have everything packaged nicely instead. MotioneyeOS works on my Zero Wireless but doesnt play nicely with my pimono on/off shim.

I’ll post some build instructions once i have everything working as desired

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I’ll post some build instructions once i have everything working as desired

Thanks @Damian40818, I look forward to see the build!

long time delay, but instructions I followed are here:


The MotioneyeOS has improved a great deal since my first post last year. I still can’t get the Pimoroni OnOff Shim to work as the OS is missing some libraries it requires. I have posted the details on the GitHub listing so fingers crossed someone smarter than I may integrate it.

Motioneyeos is not designed as a general purpose system, and has no facility to install additional packages. You will need to install a different OS, such as Raspbian first, and then you can configure other things, and finally install MotionEyes. (Not the Motion Eyes OS)

Refer to the FAQ

Instructions for installing MotionEye on Raspbian Stretch are here (Nothing for buster yet)

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