Raspberry Pi4 and Parsec

Hi, Has anybody got a Raspberry Pi4 and Parsec installed and connected with their Parsec hosting gaming PC and played a game? Just wondering as that is one thing I would want to try with my new Raspberry Pi4, as soon as I get it (counting down the days). I currently have a gaming pc in my computer room with Parsec installed on it as a host and I wanted to play the games on it on my big screen tv in the lounge room. I have read where it can be done and just wondered if anyone in these forums has tried and had success.

Hey @Riccardo94479,

Welcome to the forum! I personally have not used Parsec, however, from a quick search I have found this which says that Parsec support isn’t sure whether it is supported on the Pi4. As an alternative Parsec support have recommended the use RPi 3.

I hope this helps.