How to interface RPi 3 to 12V solenoid?

I need help to find out a driver circuit or a component to interface my raspberry pi 3 to 12V solenoid valve.

As I tried to take the output from GPIO 18 thereby using a NPN transistor, 1N4148 diode and a 220 ohm resistor. but I was not able to get the output.

So, now I’m in search of finding a readymade switching circuit block to control a 12V solenoid using RPi 3.


Hi Bikash,

Why are you driving a solenoid with a raspberry pi? It would be much easier to control something like a solenoid from an Arduino. If the raspberry pi is needed, then control the Arduino from the raspberry pi.

Let us know how it works out!

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Thanks Stephen for your concern… It worked out after using relay module in between of RPi3. To cover the mismatch on power, I used one 12V step up voltage regulator.