Real Time Clock fr Ardunio

Hi All,

I have been building Ardunio weather station with my students and been using the Adafruit DS1307 RTC. It has through holes.

Can anyone recommend a similar RTC for Ardunio that has either male or female connections that would be better for jump wires?

Any help would be much appreciated.


Hi Jarrod,

This is the same model RTC but it is made for the Raspberry Pi and has female headers on it. This should be functionally the same. It looks like most of the RTC’s are the through-hole variety. You could also add headers to them yourself to solve this problem.

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Hi Stephen,

Thank you for your reply. Would using this RTC instead of the Adafruit DS1307 change my code for the Ardunio?

Also, sorry I am new to this, when you say headers what do you mean?

Kind regards,

Hi Jarrod,

The headers are the male or female connection spots on this device. I can’t promise that this will work on the same code, but it uses the same RTC, so it should likely be the same.

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Thank you Stephen I think I get it now…Like this guy?: