Red/blue led strip no lights

Hello, I built a plant stand for my girlfriend and added 5m of red/blue non addressable 12v led strip grow light, cut into multiple segments and soldered all in series up all levels of the stand. I bought the 12v 5a power supply that was suggested. I’ve soldered all segments together with 20ga wire and some snap connectors. I verified continuity with every solder joint I completed. Before installing to the stand, I verified continuity from beginning to end of the string of lights. I wired up the barrel connector that came with the power supply. I turned it on for the “moment of truth” and everything lit up perfectly. I turned it off and glued down the barrel connector for the power supply, plugged it back in…and nothing. I have verified that the power supply is putting out 12v but nothing is lighting up now. I found no burn marks on the led strip segments anywhere. Did I buy cheap Chinese shit that is garbage? If so, I’ll scrap the project because I’ve spent probably 100 hours cutting, sanding, staining, sealing, building, soldering and wiring this stand. All the wiring is glued down and all solder joints have heat shrink around them, so dismantling will be a pain in the ass. My only next step is to try and check voltages at the snap connectors and see which shelf has no voltage after it, then cut into the wiring of that shelf’s led strip series and see which strip has no voltage after it…but with zero lights, I’m guessing it’s the first led.

I can probably bypass the first strip or shelf set, but im scratching my head as to what I did wrong. What would have caused this and how do i keep it from happening again?

Led: Amazon "OUEVA Plant grow led light, 16.4ft/5m 5050 SMD waterproof full spectrum led 4:1

Power supply: Amazon "ALITOVE DC 12V 5A Power supply adapter converter

Snap connectors: Amazon "Glutoad 60pcs lever wire connectors, compact splicing wire connectors assortment kit.

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Was that while the LED strip was connected, or with the supply disconnected? A shorted connection will likely shut down the adapter and show no volts while connected and (unless the adapter has blown up) show full volts while disconnected. An open circuit will show 12V both connected and disconnected.

How is the barrel connecter wired to the LED strip?

Do you have a spare length of LED strip to test, either using the existing adapter or some other 12V supply? If the LEDS you installed have failed, a test length will likely also fail after a similar time.

The clip connectors you have are unlikely to be a problem, provided that you have trimmed the wires at the correct length. I have never had a problem with cheap 5050 strips, although I haven’t used this particular one. I have had plenty of adapters that could not supply anything like their rated current.


Please check with a multimeter if your power supply is really giving 12V, 5A output.