Replacement Pots on Pocket Operator

Hey folks,

I’m looking to upgrade the pots on my Teenage Engineering Pocket Operator 33, the standard ones are very inaccurate on their taper and jump around a heap when trying to finely tune the samples.

Would these ones on your website be a suitable upgrade:

Given that these ones below are the recommended replacements:

I’m only concerned with the smoothness of the taper, the stock ones jump and jitter, and are generally a huge pain to use for fine tuning

I would always rather give money to local businesses, so I’ve sought you folks out especially!

Thank you in advance!


if the physical dimensions are the same …then they should be ok the shaft between the two pots is different …but this may not matter …the ones from core should do the job fine they look more simuialar to the original ones i seen in a online demo …