Size of the potentiometer for volume control on Adafruit STEMMA Speaker - Plug and Play Audio Amplifier

Can anyone tell me what the size of the volume pot is on the Adafruit STEMMA Speaker - Plug and Play Audio Amplifier?

I am looking to replace the board mounted volume pot to a physically bigger one with a knob for easy control.

Hi Kevin,

Taking a look over at the Adafruit learn page Downloads | Adafruit STEMMA Speaker | Adafruit Learning System

it looks like this one is an SMD component like this pot here:

I’d say the easiest way to get a knob onto this one would be a bit of hot glue and a 3d print/something you can find around the house.

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Thanks Liam, I thought it could be a 10Kohm which seems common used. This I could replace with any 10Kohm. The pot access with how I physically have to mount the boards doesn’t allow access to the trim pot on the board but I can mount it remotely.

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I’ll probably use something like this.

Hi Kevin
To get the best results with audio the pot should be a log curve (curve A) or sometimes called audio log. If you use a linear (curve B) The rotational control for “normal” listening levels will be scrunched up at the anti clockwise end. Except Vishay, I think they designate their curves differently.

Most trimpots I believe are linear.
Cheers Bob

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Thanks Bob, I will keep that in mind, didn’t know that.

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